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Do we even need to type anything about this one? Didn’t think


so. You’re going to need to buy that advance ticket.




He’ll be joined by rizumu‘s Rudy Kardos to open, as well as our own monster, Shawn Rudiman to close it down.


August 28, 2014 Events

August 2, 2014 Events

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For July 12 we FINALLY managed to get Paul Fleetwood’s wack ass schedule to line up correctly to reunite all three Humanaut residents together at Hot Mass. It has been too long.

If you aren’t here, fuck you.

21+ / $15 at the door / BYOB-friendly

June 23, 2014 Events


<< 21+ w/ID // Doors open at 12am >>
Craig Kuna used to live in Pittsburgh and threw dope parties here. Craig Kuna moved to San Francisco and threw dope parties there [KONTROL]. Craig Kuna is an incredibly dope DJ that plays dope sets at dope parties in both dope San Francisco and dope Pittsburgh (rarely tho!). Craig Kuna has a beautiful shiny head.
Please give Craig Kuna a dope welcome back to his hometown for his first glimpse at the Hot Mass madness.
Opening set by Humanaut resident Relative Q
and finally returning to Hot Mass to drop the dope closing set is the one and only Tom Brown.
21+ / $15 at the door / BYOB-friendly


May 31, 2014 Events

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May 24-26 / Hart Plaza – Detroit

Hot Mass and Humanaut present:
DJ Minx (Women on Wax, Detroit)

We are proud to finally present the woman responsible for multiple dance floor heart attacks over the years.

For two years, Minx engineered and hosted “Deep Space Radio”- an electronic music show on a Detroit’s WGPR radio station. The show was headed by the innovators of techno music: “Magic” Juan Atkins, Kevin “Reese” Saunderson, Eddie Fowlkes, and Derrick May. She played mixes by Kenny “Moodyman” Dixon and Stacy Pullen as well as the show’s helmsmen.

As a resident of world-renowned Club Motor, she also created Women on Wax, a record label and collective of lady DJs from the Metro Detroit area. Wildly successful, her label has served as a vehicle to present many talented artists and producers to the world including Diamondancer, Pirahnahead, and Diviniti.

Recently, Minx partnered with Jerry the Cat to establish Skyloft Productions, where the two work together to produce music for various artists in multiple genres.

Join us as we give a warm, way overdue welcome to Minx for her Pittsburgh debut.

We also welcome VIA honcho LAUREN G back to close us down after Minx.

She’ll be joined by Humanaut resident AARON CLARK on opening dutie

April 24, 2014 Events



The Black Madonna’s first record, “Exodus” was an anthem to a concentrated pool of Chicago house aficionados, passed from person to person for nearly three years before anyone outside of the city ever heard it. Its champions now range from the esteemed Little White Earbuds blog to fellow Smart Bar resident, Derrick Carter, who debuted “Exodus” to the rest of the world on the mainstage at Movement 2012. The Black Madonna’s catalog of current and upcoming releases/remixes now includes labels such as Classic, Freerange, Home Taping is Killing Music, Argot, Stripped & Chewed and File Under Disco (from the Disco Deviance family).
In December of 2012, along with Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles and NYC’s Bunker event, she was announced as one of the new 2013 residents at Chicago’s legendary institution, Smart Bar .

Please help us give a warm welcome to Marea for her Pittsburgh debut.

21+ / $15 in advance and at the door / BYOB-friendly

closing set by Relative Q

April 2, 2014 Events



Some of the best sets we’ve heard have come compliments of Donato Dozzy. Known for taking crowds on extended journeys through sound and space, he’s become one of the most sought-after techno deejays on the planet. For the third trip to Pittsburgh, we are pulling out something a bit more special. Humanaut is pleased to welcome Donato and Neel Rome’s live project ‘Voices from the Lake’. Named RA’s #1 album of 2012 (and also one of our personal favorites), this is their first extensive US tour. Please join us as we welcome these incredible artists to do their thing for us during the late-night hours at

Hot Mass. —————– 21+ / $15 in advance and at the door / BYOB-friendly
opening set by Aaron Clark
closing set by RelativeQ





March 1, 2014 Events





<< 170 person limited capacity – buy tickets in advance – this will sell out >>

Humanaut is proud to announce the return of the one and only DANIEL BELL to Pittsburgh for a longer, late-night set. Dan was the highlight of Movement 2013 for us, so this was only fitting for our first Movement Pre-Party.

Opening duties:

21+ / $15 / BYOB-friendly

January 7, 2014 Events




It’s finally happening! Hot Mass will host it’s first live PAs. And it would be criminal to hand that honor over to anyone other than our two hometown heroes, Shawn Rudiman and Chase Smith. I mean, Shawn built the DJ booth by hand and hung our LED wall for us, for fucks sake. Chase Smith will warm the night up and then hand control of the sound system over to Shawn Rudiman for an epic four hour live set. All improvised and on the fly, as he do.

$10 // BYOB-friendly // 2am-7am // 21+ //

December 27, 2013 Events


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When one speaks of increasing power, machinery, and industry there comes up a picture of a cold, metallic sort of world in which great factories will drive away the trees, the flowers, the birds, and the green fields. And that then we shall have a world composed of metal machines and human machines. With all of that I do not agree. I think that unless we know more about the machines and their use, unless we better understand the mechanical portion of life, we cannot have the time to enjoy the trees, and the birds, and the flowers, and the green fields.

ORPHX live [Hamilton, ON]
KEVIN REYNOLDS live [Detroit]
REVY live


PART 1 – 9pm-2am – Orphx + Kevin Reynolds + Revy – Wood Street Galleries [$20 advance tickets available soon]

PART 2 – 2am-7am – Sassmouth + Relative Q – Hot Mass [$10]

21+ w/ ID /// BYOB-friendly /// Sound by Impact Audio

Since the mid-1990s, Orphx has been creating an innovative and influential synthesis of techno, industrial and electro-acoustic music. Using modular and analog synthesizers, software, location recordings and feedback circuits, they draw upon the darker, psychedelic fringes of electronic dance music, and combine these elements with the experimental aesthetics and themes of early industrial music.

Kevin’s music draws hints from a wide spectrum of artists. In his music you can hear the steely mechanics of Kraftwerk, the powerful blasts of John Coltrane, the emotive synths of Carl Craig, the social commentary of A Tribe Called Quest, the rawness of Jeff Mills, and lush waves of Sergio Mendes. On record, balance is key to his music: “You must have the light with the dark, day with night, and it’s a natural balance of opposites. ”

Nature gives dancers the feeling of the super-first class satisfaction of Smart Bar where Sassmouth enjoys the Chicago residency. Levitation and heart since 2000. All of Sam’s base are belong to London where she creates high sense originals for Hej Records. Take it easy they will never hurt you on her friendly and supportive online home for the electronic dance music community website To fast too live, to young too happy. Sassmouth is ecologically minded. This biography will self-destruct in Mother Earth.

Revy’s sonic focus is driven by hypnotic polyrhythm, unconventional sound palettes, and a relentless pulse. Spontaneity, instinct, and impulsive live experimentalism are key elements realized to formulate his compositions and dj sets, which are often described as unique, weird, alien, and intensely psychedelic. He is also known for founding the netlabel Bleepsequence, which is becoming notorious for its growing library of quality experimental techno at no cost.

When he was five, relative_q killed a lion with his bare hands. Impressed by his ferocity, ares, the god of war, gave him his first synthesizer. He has been making electronic music ever since.

November 29, 2013 Events