For month four, we shift gears as Humanaut hands the keys over to one of the most respected music men in Pittsburgh: CUTUPS (AKA Geoff Maddock). Over the years, Geoff has worked tirelessly to bring a huge variety of cutting-edge music through this city. Join us as he highlights some of the best artists from the region in another round of Belvedere’s dance floor punishment.


“When Humanaut crew asked me to plan an instance of their new but already smashing Out of Order night, I jumped at the chance. They always bring a high production value to their shows and have commanded alot of respect among the informed dance music crowd in pittsburgh. It was fun to put together a lineup that would rep my own tastes, but also be a hit at a Humanaut party.

Jason Burns immediately came to mind as somebody I’d like to play this night. He’s one of Cleveland’s originals in the dubstep scene, both as a dj for regular nights and one offs, a producer who’s been getting play all over (“Back 2 You” was one of XLR8Rs top 100 Downloads of 2011), and co-promoter bringing in top acts in the genre for more than a few years. His style leans heavily to the deeper, soulful end of the spectrum, but he doesn’t really limit himself to one style or mood, other than just playing top notch tunes.

Vasculator is a long time fan, electronic hardware geek, and producer of techno and left field electronic music, but has existed mostly on the fringes of pittsburgh’s scene. He’s been a collaborator with the Technoir Audio crew doing live techno, toured doing modular synth work with
industrial act Prometheus Burning, and played blistering original breakcore live sets in Detroit and the west coast. This time he’s doing and all new stripped down techno live set that combines his digital and analog gear.

I was looking for one more guest to round out the night, when I remembered that Jose “Mr. Hamilton” was looking to put together a classic IDM set. You may know him from his live sets as Mr. Hamilton or as part of Ekofield, or his deep house sets at various spots around town, but he’s also a big fan of left field electronic music and will be opening up with a set of 90s/ early 2000′s selections.



Jason Burns [Savory Audio, Brapdem, Cleveland]
Vasculator [live] [Lightwork, Void]
Cutups [Wrecked, Fuzz, Lazercrunk, Illusions]
Mr. Hamilton [Cosmic Mafia, 90's IDM set]

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 2am.

Drink special:
$2 Iron City Special 10-12
$3 Well drinks all night

Episode 23 of the Humanaut Sustainable Podcast comes to us from one of our favorite locals, Jose Luis. Pittsburgh via San Juan, Puerto Rico. His unique style of house brings the deepest jams and we are proud to have him on board for this latest installment. Keep you eyes peeled for the March version of Out of Order, where Jose will be pulling out his Mr. Hamilton moniker to set the tone of the night with a special 90′s IDM set.

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With the love you’ve shown us the first two months, and with the help of Iron City Beer, we’re pleased to announce that we can bring our headliner Out of Order acts to you for $5, starting with London’s Kirk Degiorgio on February 11th. So drink up and enjoy another low-cost, high-quality night of great music!

Event info is now on Facebook:

January 25, 2012 Announcements, Promos

On December 10, 2011, Humanaut launched a monthly series of parties focused on quality dance music from the best local, regional and international talent.

For month 3, Humanaut reaches over the Atlantic ocean to bring one of the most influential artists to us as a crew to Pittsburgh for the very first time. This is the first headliner event for Out of Order and a very special one for us:


Almost as if to try and throw his fans off the scent, Kirk Degiorgio has used As One, Elegy, Esoterik, Critical Phase, and Future/Past as recording aliases. In 1992 Degiorgio recorded his first release on B12 Records and shortly after founded the ART label (Applied Rythmic Technology) releasing early material by seminal artists such as Carl Craig, Aphex Twin, Stasis, and The Black Dog.

Help us give Kirk a warm welcome for his debut in Pittsburgh.

Tracks + mixes:
3 Hour warm-up mix:

(Pittsburgh Tracks, Uzuri, Further)

(Humanaut, VIA)

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- LED light install by Komputer Kontrolled
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 3am. An extra hour for this one!

On December 10, 2011, Humanaut launched a monthly series of parties focused on quality dance music from the best local, regional and international talent. Each event will be curated by different Humanaut members as well as occasional guest-curators.

For month two, Humanaut has asked everyone’s favorite internet personality Tom Cox to take the reigns of the night. Tom’s decision: an all-vinyl night featuring the crew of the widely read Infinite State Machine blog. Always full of opinions and great music, ISM has become a fixture both in Pittsburgh and in the dance music world.


Frank Glazer (ISM | NYC)
Jwan Allen (ISM | Technoir Audio)
Thomas Cox (ISM | Pittsburgh Track Authority)
Chris O’Connor (Technoir Audio)

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 2am.

Drink special:

$2 Yuengling 10-12
$3 Well drinks all night

This weeks podcast is brought to you by Takasi Nakajima. Takasi is the other half of Different World (opposite Claude Young), who both played a more intimate Humanaut show at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern last month. Below is some more info on Takasi….

Takasi Nakajima is a DJ/Producer from Mihama,Japan. He began DJing and making tracks at the age of 16 with his brother Yukio Matsuyama, whom he learned the turntable skills and music history from. In 1997 he was a finalist in the DMC regional DJ competition in Japan. He has one of the finest and varied collections of music in Japan, playing everything, from Techno, House, Dub to Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Jazz or any music.
“Different World (Claude Young + Takasi Nakajima)”
Young and Nakajima became close friends after Young relocated from Glasgow to Tokyo in 2005. Both having a strong love of music the two decided to form Different World in 2006 and began playing at their own resident events in Japan gaining a loyal following of hardcore music lovers. It is still a fresh memory when Different World played at DEMF in year 2007.Their new Vinyl released from A.R.T the label of Kirk Degiorgio Oct 4 2011. and had a track included on Marcel Fengler’s Berhain mix CD.

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On December10th, we launch a monthly series of house and techno parties curated by Humanaut and select guests.

To kick off the opening month, Humanaut will take to the decks (minus an elusive Rob Dunn, blast him!) to showcase their inspiration as a crew of DJs and music explorers.

Aaron Clark (Humanaut, VIA)
Paul Fleetwood (Humanaut, VIA, Ultrawizardsword)
Relative Q (Humanaut, RCMP, Young Robots, Ultrawizardsword)
Revy (Humanaut, Bleepsequence, Slant Records, Ultrawizardsword)
Jason Cuban (Humanaut, Full House Productions, Basic: State College)

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 2am.
- Some kind of intergalactic drink special will occur.

Facebook Event:

Humanaut Sustainable Podcast Series 021 brought to you by Jose Bec.

Jose Luis Sagastegui Becerril, a.k.a. Jose Bec, was born and raised in Mexico City. His love of music began by listening to classic rock with his father. When he was 12, Jose discovered the world of electronic music through a radio show broadcasting European Techno beats and he knew he wanted to be a DJ. After bringing beats to people at parties and bars in Mexico, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, in 2006.

Since arriving in Pittsburgh, Jose has refined his mixing techniques by immersing himself in the Pittsburgh and International “Underground” scene. He has built on what he used to mix in Mexico and forged his own non-commercial style.
His influences on the decks are mixture of European techno, minimal, Tech house, and house from Chicago and NY.

Jose Bec spins at private parties and events sharing decks with Humanaut one of the most respectful crew in the city also in clubs and bars in the Steel City. He now wants to share with Mexico his new-found style and widen his reach in the electronic music scene.

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20 podcasts already? Even though the podcast series has been somewhat unsustainable at times we’re glad to have hit this milestone! And as a result, we’re pleased to give you a very special release.

Our 20th podcast comes from Sutekh. You may remember him from the Humanaut afterhours party at the VIA festival last month. He’s the guy who bashed your head in with a speaker……good, we knew you wouldn’t forget. This mix tape was recorded in 1997 at the Vulcan Foundry Studios in Oakland, CA. It was the first mix ever released under the Sutekh name.

A tracklisting is not available. If you’re able to accurately provide the tracklisting for this mix you will get a free entry into a Humanaut event of your choice.

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Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Pittsburgh’s infamous Halloween celebration and costume contest returns to bask in eleven years of friends, local DJs, and egg rolls.

Spanning two floors, your DJs for the evening are:

RCMP (DJ Apt One + Relative Q) (Young Robots, PHL/PGH)
Release party for their new EP, ‘RCMP II’
Nu-Disco, Mustaches

Jose Luis (Cosmic Mafia, Tekadiscos)
Pura Música de la Casa

Edgar Um (VIA / tcrps)
The Man Who Knew Too Much

Spoilers (Lauren G + Nikky Nickels) (VIA)
Bikini Rave Tacos

Aaron Clark (Humanaut, VIA)
Deep Techno House Groovechild

Revy (Humanaut, Bleepsquence, Slant Records)
Glitch Techno (if tequila = hammer+ anvil techno)

Jason Cuban (Humanaut)
Diatribes & Dissertations (and maybe some acid house?)

Paul Fleetwood (Humanaut, VIA)
A Freshly Bearded Techno

High-performance audio system provided by Impact Audio

A very special costume contest roast master / MC: The Ghost of Matt McDermott

YES to the costume contest with cash prizes (no joke) as well as hors d’oeuvres (meal worthy) on the lower level. Please think twice when creating your costume as security will confiscate all dangerous and weapon-like props only if they are in fact real weapons and not props at all. Or, they just do what they want.

Chinatown Inn (Upper floors)
520 3rd Ave
Downtown Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Doors open @ 9pm – late (!)
$15 Cover – 21+ w/ ID
Info line: 412.248.BOOO / 412-248-2666