КартиниHumanaut presents:
Claude Young – (Surface, !K7, 7th City, Frictional Records)

Electronic composer, web designer, videographer, sci-fi junkie, apple computer expert & world class DJ, these are but a few of the hats worn by the anomaly that is Claude Young Jr. This Detroit native who now resides in Tokyo (Japan) was born the son of legendary WJLB (Detroit) radio personality, station founding member and production wizard Claude Young Sr.

After early interest in television production and some experience working as an intern (and later mix show DJ) for several radio programs in the early 90′s, CYJ intensified his interest in what he refers to as the art of the DJ. Coached by close friend and mentor Anthony “Shake” Shakir he became a natural almost literally overnight.

His editing & production skills in studio (taught to him by his father & years of experimentation alone) saw him work on a string of records for both independent and major record labels. Musto & Bones, Technasia, Gary Numan, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Inner City and 4Hero are but a few of the artist either remixed or edited by Young.

He was also cofounder of two of Detroit electronic music’s most respected record imprints: Frictional Records (with Anthony “Shake” Shakir) and 7th City Records (with Dan “DBX” Bell).

For those that were in Detroit for Movement 2011, you know why this man’s coming to town. Please help us give him a warm Pittsburgh welcome.

Opening support by
Shawn Rudiman – (Technoir Audio / Pittsburgh)

Local techno legend and co-founder of Technoir Audio, Shawn Rudiman will provide one of his famous live performances.

“One of the best live P.A.’s I’ve ever seen”- Anthony “Shake” Shakir
“Shawn Rudiman live is a complete planned accident of the unknown. Man and machine meet under dance and a question mark. Exactly what techno is to me!” – Mike Banks

Mad Tom Brown – (Vice)

$10 Presales available through the Humanaut street team or online via ShowClix: http://www.showclix.com/event/HumanautpresClaudeYoung
$15 @ Door

9pm – 3am  /  21+
4-corner surround sound by Impact Audio / LED lighting by Komputer Kontrolled

http://www.humanaut.net for discussion and more information on this event and others like it

Belvedere’s Ultra Dive
4016 Butler St.
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201

Podcast 017 comes from our good friend Thomas Schrieiber. We met Tom through his Rizumu parties based in Philadelphia.

Thomas Schreiber brings a playful cleverness, warmth and emotion to the dancefloor. His style of stripped-down funk and rhythm is back-dropped by a tapestry of strange and sexy soundscapes.

Thomas began mixing records in 1996 and moved to Philadelphia in 2002 when the landscape there was sparse. As the key founding member of rizumu, Thomas bridged the gap between the already established local collectives and organized undergrounds on a weekly and monthly basis, thereby setting up a foundation around which the growing community would converge.

Taking influence from the East Coast scene of the mid to late nineties and from the early Detroit Electronic Music Festivals, Thomas’s vision for making Philadelphia a hub for touring artists soon became a reality. Artists such as Derrick May, Daniel Bell, Kenny Larkin, Marcel Dettmann, Frank Bretschneider, Dandy Jack, Bart Skils, Seth Troxler and Josh Wink would play at the dark and intimate undergrounds for rizumu’s audience of knowledgeable listeners and dedicated dancers.

Thomas played events in NYC, Moscow, Detroit, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Santa Fe and Denver, for Kontrol, The Buker, Droid Behavior, Make Mistakes and more.

In 2009, Thomas picked up and moved to New Mexico to try something different. He immediately was at home with the Rocky Mountain techno scene and was fortunate to play some extremely memorable sets in both Santa Fe and Denver during this time. However, an unexpected turn of events found Thomas making the transatlantic move to Madrid only a year after his arrival.

Now settled into life in Madrid, Thomas has begun the journey of imparting his experiences to tape, quietly preparing for what comes next.


1. Edward Ka-Spel : Tanith and the Lion Tree : Flesh Eating Ants Records
2. Kevin Gorman : 7am Stepper : Ostgut Ton
3. Yusef Lateef : The Three Faces of Bala : BBE Records
4. John Roberts : Promise : Dial
5. Hakan Lidbo : Sky Kissing : Illegal Ninja Moves
6. Lowtec : In Fail We Trust : Playhouse
7. Strong Souls : Hums : Dance Mania
8. Aaron Carl : My House (DJ Dozia Vocal Mix) : Ovum
9. On The House:  Ride The Rhythm (Ken Collier Edit) : Not on Label
10. Shake Shakir : At the Bonnie Brook : Astrolab
11. Stewart Walker ~ Concentricity : Last Week’s Disappearance : Persona
12. Freaks ~ Notes From The Underground Part 2  : Love Hate : Music
for Freaks (Induceve Remix)
13. Hemmann & Kaden : Synchro : Freud-am-Tanzen
14. Pantytec : Elastobabe : Perlon
15. Jamie Principle : Waiting for Ron’s Angel (Ron Hardy Re-Edit) :
Not on Label
16. San Proper : Keep it Raw : Perlon
17. Glass House Projectz ~ Crazy Legs : It Works : Soiree Records
18. Delano Smith ~ Deep Fundamentals : This Heart : Mixmode
19. Baby Ford ~ Ford Trax : Oochy Koochy (Konrad Cadet) : Torso Records
20. Ace & The Sandman : Let Your Body Talk : Trax
21. House to House : Taste My Love : Classic Cuts
22. Scan-7 : System Work : Underground Resistance
23. Mathias Kaden : Syrroc : Vakant
24. Pupkulies & Rebekah : Hold Me Tight (Shaun Reeves & Guti Remix)
: Wolf + Lamb
25. Rick Wade : Melancholy : Harmonie Park
26. Repeat Orchestra : White Disks : A Touch of Class
27. Purveyors of Fine Funk : The Truth for You : Peacefrog
28. Fatcat : Tika : World Music Records
29. Z-Factor : Fantasy (Vocal) : Cititrax
30. Invisible Conga People : Weird Pains : Italians Do It Better

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Humanaut presents:

DVS1 Klockworks/Transmat

DVS1 (Zak Khutoretsky) has been producing some of the most respected techno in the world lately. Enough said. He also enjoys reading poetry and drawing black and white comics strips, though we don’t think they’re all that funny.

Opening support by
[Sonic Groove]

Relative Q
[Young Robots/ultrawizardsword]

$12 Presales available through ShowClix: http://www.showclix.com/event/52550/
$15 @ Door

9pm – 3am / Full Bar / 21+

4-corner surround sound madness by Impact Audio

4016 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

This weeks podcast is from the man behind ultrawizardsword.net. Paul (Relative Q) has had a variety of musical influences and this mix definitely showcases his eclectic interests. Be on the lookout for a new RCMP (another one of Paul’s musical endeavors) release on T&A Records later this summer.


nsi. – 01 [sahko]
lali puna – 603 [morr music]
cex – get in yr squads [555 recordings]
disrupt – selassie i continually [werk discs]
fenin – none of them [shitkatapult]
original recipe – g-note virginia [vinyl republik]
telefon tel aviv – sound in a dark room [hefty]
microstoria – mem.brand [sonig]
solex – mere impostors [matador]
kit clayton – etymon, no! [~scape]
speedy j – borax [novamute]
baroness – ogeechee hymnal [relapse]
speck mountain – backsliding [carrot top]
fennesz – grey scale [touch]
little dragon – twice [peacefrog]
manual – ascend [morr music]
francoise hardy – song of winter [reprise]
gastr del sol – mouth canyon [camofleur]
grizzly bear – colorado [warp]

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Maya Amack likes rolling around in kittens, and recording podcasts. Unfortunately, this podcast was not recorded from a pile of kittens. It was recorded in Beta’s Beatport Lounge in Denver, Colorado.

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A special mid-week podcast from Denver’s Doc Noe. Tracklisting N/A (blame Doc).

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Humanaut is excited to announce that Revy (Kevin Lind) has joined Humanaut!

Revy originally hails from the Pacific Northwest, but after slipping into a dimensional rift in Tokyo he has found himself transplanted into the ‘burgh. Armed with a laptop and eclectic tastes in audio/visual design, his goal is to open minds to his unique blends of heady experimental techno and melt eyeballs with architextural pixeljunk. On top of managing his netlabel bleepsequence, releasing his own music on various digital and vinyl labels (Slant, From 0-1, Subsensory), and performing as a dj, vj, or liveact across the U.S., Revy shows no signs of slowing down. Unless you distract him with Chrono Trigger.




March 18, 2011 Announcements, Promos


Humanaut presents:
The Bunker NYC

Over 8 years, The Bunker has slowly developed into one of the best places to hear underground techno & house music in the country. Based in Brooklyn’s Public Assembly, The Bunker parties showcase a wide variety of talent – simultaneously looking back to dance music’s roots and also highlighting the best of the emerging sounds. These legendary parties have introduced thousands of people to some of the most innovative music in the world and at the same time, helped rejuvenate the North American scene.

Please join Humanaut as we welcome the brainchild behind this influential party night, Bryan Kasenic (Spinoza), who will share the decks with resident DJ Eric Cloutier for a night of innovative and downright nasty dance music.

Opening duties will be delivered by Edgar Um, who coincidentally gave Mr. Kasenic his first booking right here in his original hometown – the Steel City.

Featuring Bunker residents
[ The Bunker / NYC ]
Eric Cloutier
[ The Bunker / Down / NYC ]

Opening support by
Edgar Um
[ tcrps / VIA ]

$12 Presales available through ShowClix: http://www.showclix.com/event/HumanautpresTheBunkerNYC
$15 @ Door

10pm – 5am / BYOB / 21+
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4130 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

APPLEBLIM w/ Sight Unseen, Cutups, D. Luchman and M. Callen

:::::::::::::: TICKETS ::::::::::::::
$8 advance – http://www.showclix.com/event/VIAPresentsAppleblim
$12 door

:::::::::::::: LINEUP ::::::::::::::

APPLEBLIM (Skull Disco/Apple Pips/Bristol, UK)
SIGHT UNSEEN (31 Records/Fuzz/Machine Age)
CUTUPS (Lazercrunk/412DNB)

D. LUCHMAN (Pittsburgh)
M. CALLEN (Pittsburgh)

:::::::::::::: PERFORMING ::::::::::::::




Skull Disco. A club night called FWD>>. England’s West country bass HQ, Bristol. These are just a few things you may associate with second wave dubsteppa Laurie ‘Appleblim’ Osbourne. He may have revved up his journey along the musical motorway with stints in early ‘90s NME favourites The Monsoon Bassoon, but it was a creative technology course at Uni in 2003 that sparked this phase of his life into existence and saw the birth of Skull Disco, which he ran with Shackleton. At early FWD>> and DMZ nights Laurie and his crew would be first in last out, and it was links he forged at these early dubstep nights (and his regular emails to the generic Ammunition in-box) that got him a job working at Tempa. Since then he’s released deep, deadly and esoteric tunes on Skull Disco, launched his own Apple Pips label, gone podcast-ballistic with widescreen sets for Dub War and Rinse FM, and fronted the latest in the venerable line of Dubstep Allstars mix compilations. Zoop and again, zoop.




From Everyday Junglist:
edj: Can you give us a little introduction to Sight Unseen – who are you, where are you based, how long have you been producing and what’s your history within drum & bass?

Sight Unseen are Adam and Preslav and we represent the Steel City – Pittsburgh. We’ve been producing drum and bass for about 8 years now, but we became obsessed with the music in the 90s.

edj: Do you make any other music, or is it strictly D&B?

We’re involved in various other projects covering different tempos of dance music and beyond. Some of those have seen the light of day already, more will hopefully see release over the next year.

edj: You are extremely enigmatic in your online presence with information about you scarce. Is this a conscious decision, and if so, why?

We prefer to have the music speak for us….






:::::::::::::: ABOUT ::::::::::::::

VIA is a collective of Pittsburgh artists, musicians and event producers intent on merging lights and sounds.

:::::::::::::: FOLLOW ::::::::::::::






New podcast from Mr. Paul Fleetwood himself. Enjoy!

01. Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report II // Kontra Musik
02. Jonas Kopp – Nibirus // Enemy Records
03. Dino Sabatini – Step 3 // Sonic Groove
04. Himan – Empire of the Sun // Broque
05. Perc – Mandrake (Metalogic remix) // Nachstrom Schallplatten
06. Lucy – Tof (Tommy Four Seven remix) // Stroboscopic Artefacts
07. Ben Klock – Wolf // Ostgut Ton
08. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window // Delsin Records
09. Timo Maas – Kick1Kick3 // Rockets and Ponies
10. Dario Zenker – Farrel // Ilian Tape
11. Mike Dehnert – MD // Fachwerk Digital
12. A Made Up Sound – Crisis // A Made Up Sound
13. SCB – Down Moment // Ostgut Ton
14. Tommy Four Seven – Ratu // CLR
15. Mike Dehnert – Timber Framing // Deeply Rooted House
16. Modern Heads & Dino Sabatini – Ceto // Prologue
17. Davor Ostojic – Transitional Objects (Area Entrophy Version) // Matrix Records